Zari Craft Clutches

Zari craft clutches- Ethnic Indian

Women across the globe have a soft spot for handbags and other accessories. Many of us like to flaunt our accessories and want multiple possibilities, especially when it comes to Zari craft clutches. These beautifully handcrafted products spread their charm and keep the rich handwork tradition of India alive.

Let’s find out some interesting facts about the intricate and elaborate Zari work.

Facts About Zari Crafts

  • Zari is an intricate art of weaving threads made of fine gold and silver, woven together in textiles to create decorative patterns. These threads are woven into textiles mainly of silk to create beautiful designs. Zari work is extensively used in Indian handicrafts due to their rich, royal and classy looks.
  • Zari work is as old as the 16th century and came to India from Surat (Gujarat). It is one of the oldest established cottage industries since 1955. This art form has been given a geographical indication since then, as it comes from Surat.
  • It is a craft work that has been carried forward from one generation to another and is a source of income for many locals in Gujarat.
  • Zari skills are mainly two types; one the real metallic Zari finished with gold and few unadulterated metals; second is the artificial Zari that makes use of plastic.

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