Goa Shell Craft – Abalone Jewellery

Goa Shell Craft – Abalone Jewellery

Abalone is a stunning shell, known for its unique and lustrous rainbow-like, vivid color palette. It has been used in jewellery for thousands of years and continues to be a popular choice for many modern Indian jewellery designs. Affordable, distinctive and stylish, abalone is the ideal choice to shake up your wardrobe and add a burst of color to your look.

What is Abalone Shell?

Abalone is a type of marine snail (marine gastropod mollusc), which is also known by not so glamorous names, sea ears, mutton-fish and ear shells. It offers a rich color-play ranging from blues and greens to violet and beautiful brown shades. The formation of an abalone shell is very similar to that of the mother of pearl. The same nacre that makes mother of pearl forms an abalone shell too.

However, the abalone pearls are very rare in the world, as these molluscs cannot be nucleated as they are haemophiliacs. Additionally, it is one natural abalone pearl, which takes decades to form and is found in every half million shells.

Abalone Jewellery

Abalone became popular with craft jewellers in the 1960s and 1970s. People used this shell by setting it into inexpensive silver jewellery. Gradually, it found flavour with the new-age spiritualist crowd, which believed that the shell can enhance the feelings of love, peace and compassion. The history of Abalone jewellery has connections to the indigenous cultures of New Zealand and Native Americans.

Goa Shell Craft Abalone Jewellery at Vivid Handicrafts

If you are attracted to the naturally beautiful, then you should check out shellcraft jewellery online at Vivid Handicrafts. We have a beautiful collection of necklaces, crafted from abalone shell, environment friendly jewellery, handpicked from the shores of Goa. We believe in vocal for local

The intricate patterns in beautiful silver metallic and gold metallic print, make these pieces very unique. You can pair these gorgeous necklaces with both western and traditional attires and catch the attention of many. 

Lucknow Beads Bracelets

Lucknow Bead Bracelets – Accessorizing in Royal Style

Go Boho, Sassy to Classic Royal with Lucknow Bead Bracelets!!

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow is known for its culture of fine arts, with the deep roots of the city lying with Nawabs and royalty. The city is famous for various handicrafts, which not only adds elegance to our homes, but it also gifts us accessories full of charm and style.

At Vivid Handicrafts, we bring to you a wide range of bead bracelets from Lucknow that you can accessorize with both Indian and Western wear.

Lucknow Beads – Dating Back to Era of Nawabs

The historical use of beaded jewelry comes from Egyptian era, wherein beads were made mostly from stone, wood and metal and were typically used as necklaces. With the advancement in the fashion trends, customized beaded jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings picked up the trend and glass beads started becoming popular.

Glass beadmaking is one of the oldest human arts, which dates back to more than 3000 years, dating back to the Nawabi Era. Because of their high strength, chemical stability, and good flowability, the glass beads became quite popular in Lucknow.

Flaunt Yourself With Lucknow Bead Bracelets

You can accessorize these beautiful pieces using a mix and match combination of dresses, depending on the occasion. The glossy shine due to glass work and ease of wearing these bracelets makes it even more convenient. 

At Vivid Handicrafts, we have a range of charming and colorful Lucknow beaded bracelets with a magnetic lock that can fit beautifully to your wrist. The best part is that a pair of these bracelets can be made into a choker necklace, with the help of magnetic locks, which can compliment any traditional or western attire.

You can gift this exquisite jewelry to your loved ones and pair it with designer shellcraft necklaces. Avail these classic masterpieces at affordable prices from our handicrafts store online. We promise a premium customer-oriented experience with exclusivity and high-quality products. We believe in vocal for local.

Mysore Rosewood Inlays

Every place has a story to tell, especially when it comes to handicrafts and artifacts. The beautiful city of palaces and gardens, Mysore has gifted the world with traditional yet contemporary Mysore Rosewood Inlays. The use of rosewood came into picture in the year 1800, during the reign of Tipu Sultan, when it was mostly used in palaces, as furniture and relics.

The Early Days of Mysore Rosewood Inlay Work

In India, Rosewood comes from the forests near Mysore and Rosewood Inlays have become a source of income for a lot of locals. It has also become a popular tourist choice. In the year 2005, Mysore Rosewood Inlay artwork was recognized by Indian government as geographical indication owing to its historic and terrestrial roots from the forests near Mysore.

This popular Indian Handicraft uses ebony or yellow wood as a base material. The design is carved into the wood gracefully, using scraping tools, hammer or hand drill, with a lot of focus on detailing.

Initially, these inlays were embedded with ivory or deer horn, but as the days passed by, the same was banned due to animal killing. Nowadays, inlays are being decorated with paint of gold and silver to add bling and shine. Various other materials are also used to decorate the inlays, like acrylics of various colors, shells and pearls. The widely used acrylics are either white or fawn in color, as these are classy and enhance the look of the wood. Pearls and shells are used to give it a more royal look, especially when used on jewelry boxes.

Vivid Handicrafts – Handicrafts Store Online

At Vivid Handicrafts, we believe in vocal for local. As this art is passed on from generation to generation, sometimes the families are seen working together in creating a single piece of art. We offer a variety of Mysore Rosewood Inlay products, including wall hangings, furniture, jewelry boxes, and other home décor items.

Zari Craft Clutches

Zari craft clutches- Ethnic Indian

Women across the globe have a soft spot for handbags and other accessories. Many of us like to flaunt our accessories and want multiple possibilities, especially when it comes to Zari craft clutches. These beautifully handcrafted products spread their charm and keep the rich handwork tradition of India alive.

Let’s find out some interesting facts about the intricate and elaborate Zari work.

Facts About Zari Crafts

  • Zari is an intricate art of weaving threads made of fine gold and silver, woven together in textiles to create decorative patterns. These threads are woven into textiles mainly of silk to create beautiful designs. Zari work is extensively used in Indian handicrafts due to their rich, royal and classy looks.
  • Zari work is as old as the 16th century and came to India from Surat (Gujarat). It is one of the oldest established cottage industries since 1955. This art form has been given a geographical indication since then, as it comes from Surat.
  • It is a craft work that has been carried forward from one generation to another and is a source of income for many locals in Gujarat.
  • Zari skills are mainly two types; one the real metallic Zari finished with gold and few unadulterated metals; second is the artificial Zari that makes use of plastic.

Zari Craft Clutches @ Vivid HandicraftsVivid Handicrafts is a handicraft store online that offers a huge selection of Zari craft clutches, which showcase the intricate art of weaving threads using elaborate techniques. Our exotic collection of royal Zari clutches uses silk or satin material, with a sleek string. These classic clutches look more regal with bridal wears, ethic or traditional wears. So, if you believe in Vocal for Local, you will love our colorful collection of Ethnic Zari craft clutches adorned in beautiful designs and colors